Cast Stone Products

We are the manufacturers and wholesalers of a range of paving, cladding, tiles, and flagstone products available to tradesmen and the public.

Proper installation is vital to ensuring that your paving or cladding will last for years to come. We’ve made connections with a number of paving installers across the South Africa, and can recommend the best people to do the job for you anywhere in the country.

Cobble Paving

Generally used for driveways and pathways. High traffic areas.

  • Imola Cobble: 145x145x40mm
  • Sandton Cobble: 200x150x50mm
  • Troy Cobble: 100x100x50mm
  • Double Cobble: 220x110x50mm

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Flagstones/ Stepping Stones:

Generally used for swimming pools, patios, gardenpaths and landscaping.

  • Romeo Range: Full 390x390x40mm, Half 390x190x40mm, Quarter 190x190x40mm
  • Scalloped Range: Full 430x430x40mm, Half 430x215x40mm, Quarter 215x215x40mm

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Wall Cladding

Generally used on internal or external walls to give a rock finish.

  • Modular Rock Cladding: Six different sized pieces installed with an open joint to give a rock finish
  • Bow Rivven Cladding: A thick arched piece of rivven cladding for a heavy rivven look
  • Rivven Cladding: A number of flat rivven cladding pieces for uniform rivven look
  • Tile: Generally used for floors and walls internally or externally.

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Generally used indoors and on patios.

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